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Simply more secure.

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A mounting plate attaches quickly to the door, and Sabrelock fits over it, snapping firmly into place.

It's clean, quick and no tools are needed. A convenient key fob locks/unlocks the door. It's that simple.

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Introducing Sabrelock

Stronger security than a standard deadbolt.

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Sabrelock is a patent pending, secure, easy-to-install electronic door lock that transforms your deadbolt into a far superior one. It's convenient and simple to use.

Sabrelock upgrades your existing deadbolt by fitting over it, installing easily onto your door in just minutes – without tools.

Just press the RF-encrypted key fob to lock/unlock your entry door. You’ll never fumble with your keys again.

Sabrelock is completely isolated from the Internet, with zero risk of it being hacked. Since nothing interferes with the lock’s operation, home security is never compromised.

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Built tough, Sabrelock is nearly impossible to penetrate with a suspicious key duplicated by maliciously using an app, a bump key or picking tool (both found on the Internet) – adding another layer of protection between your residence and the outside.

Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, enjoy new peace of mind. Life just got simpler, more convenient and more secure.

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