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Who benefits most from the Sabrelock?

Whether you own or rent, there's a certain level of protection you expect from a door lock. The Sabrelock goes beyond the expected. It's bump-resistant (there's no keyhole or key) to hinder lock picking. The Sabrelock gives you peace of mind, allowing you to quickly and easily add an extra measure of security to your front door.

How does it work?

The  Sabrelock doesn’t require a smartphone app or rely on Wi-Fi. Instead, it uses a simple radio key fob just like you would on a car. The lock itself will adhere to the door.

What are the advantages of the Sabrelock?

It's super easy to install. No drilling or special tools are required. More importantly, since it doesn’t rely on a smartphone app, it's completely isolated from the Internet. By doing away with internet connectivity, the Sabrelock eliminates an easy gateway for thieves to remotely hack into the lock via a smartphone app. There’s virtually no risk of a virus or ransomware affecting the lock’s operation or security.

I own my home. Can I still use the Sabrelock?

Yes!  Homeowners can use the Sabrelock’s universal adapter which fits easily over most deadbolts.

An adapter? Does this mean I have to make changes to my existing deadbolt?

No. The adapter fits over the handle of the existing deadbolt. You do not need to change or alter the deadbolt in any way.

Can I still use my deadbolt key after installing the Sabrelock?

No. To prevent lock picking, the gear train is designed to prevent the deadbolt handle from moving except when the button is pressed.

If I need to get out of my home quickly, what happens if I can’t turn the deadbolt with a key?

Do I need to first look for my key fob? Not at all. An emergency egress feature on the inside allows you to manually lock and unlock the deadbolt. If there's an emergency, this is our recommended method to unlock your door.

Where will the Sabrelock be made?

The Sabrelock is made in the USA with U.S. and imported parts.

Does Sabrelock provide an extra measure of security?

Yes. Since it’s not connected to the Internet, there’s virtually no risk of a virus or ransomware affecting the lock’s operation or security.

Why a key fob instead of a key?

The radio key fob makes locking/unlocking your door much more convenient than using your regular keys. And unlike a regular key, a key fob is almost impossible to duplicate.

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